Giancarlo Mariutto has been writing and performing comedy in NYC for the past 10 years. His background is in improv, sketch and stand-up. His training was at the UCB, PIT and Magnet theaters. Giancarlo has served as a creative consultant on several children's animated programs for PBS Kids, Disney and Nick Jr., YouTubeKids, and Cartoon Network. 

As a stand-up he hosted The Really Great Enjoyable Show for several years at Under St. Marks Theater, which included performances from amazing comedians like Ali Wong, Baron Vaughn, Chris DeStefano, Shang Wang and many others. In addition to stand-up, he has been a featured actor in wonderful show's at the PIT including We Love TV and Dr. Professor.  He currently is the spokesperson for the Speakman Reaction to find more about his work there please visit:

He loves making people laugh, it sounds corny sure, but it really does get his rocks off.